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Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Popov’s approach revolves around a commitment to address the root cause of disease and support the client’s innate ability to regenerate and restore their own health. A careful review of medical history, lifestyle, stressors and environmental influences are important in order to understand the unique circumstances of each client and to determine the best course of action. She employs a mind-body approach, recognizing and addressing the importance that the mind and emotions have on physiology and disease. She integrates a background in evidence-based medicine with an understanding of the more subtle properties of nature in order to act in the most effective manner to help her clients attain their health goals. Her background in yoga and meditation enables her to bring a comforting presence into the clinical setting and help her clients to develop a greater awareness of themselves.

Dr. Popov runs a general family practice and has a special interest in stress management, women’s health and infertility, the transition of adolescence and homeopathy. She endeavours to support and empower her clients through education, therapeutic care and health maintenance in every stage of life.

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For more information about Dr. Popov and her services please visit www.dynamichealthtoronto.com.